ICT for Support for Learning in Scotland

Page last updated: 28 October 2013


ICTSLS (Information and Communication Technology for Support for Learning in Scotland is a national group of educational practitioners working in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) with children with ASN (Additional Support Needs). 

Individual members have an authority responsibility or a national remit to support children and young persons with additional support needs in Scotland who are using ICT.

ICTSLS members have developed strong working links which ensure that good practice is spread and that developments are complementary at national level.

ICTSLS members focus on assistive technology to access the curriculum - for example computers, iPads and tablets; specialised keyboards, mice, switches and other access devices; software for creating and accessing curriculum resources and for writing and for learning. ICTSLS members do work with electronic communication aids and AAC but this is not their main remit. If you are interested in AAC, get in touch with Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland http://www.acipscotland.org.uk/AACcontacts.html.


Members cooperate with each other to share information and experience and to:

  • establish and develop links between regional and national centres and associated research projects;
  • liaise with other agencies involved with microelectronic technology and Additional educational needs;
  • collaborate on the provision of In-Service training;
  • collaborate on the development and producton of materials;
  • maintain working links with other members of the group to avoid duplication of effort;
  • identify issues of common concern;
  • provide a national voice for practitioners in this field.